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Even as a talented designer, you can only get so far without help. Design Trade Solutions can be there to offer you interior design resources and guidance as you gain more clients.

Reach out to an experienced interior design supplier in Grand Rapids, MI today to learn what we can do for your business.

What We Do

We offer a variety of resources and merchandise to interior designers.


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Our reputable vendors can work with you to create the right space for your client.

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3 reasons to take advantage of the resources from Design Trade Solutions

Design Trade Solutions is dedicated to doing everything we can to help interior designers grow their business. You should take advantage of our services because:

  1. We support our community by helping local businesses find great deals on resources.
  2. We work directly with freight companies and delivery warehouses, so you can order your items at the lowest possible prices.
  3. Our warehouse doubles as a work studio, so you can stop renting an expensive office.

Call 616-202-7218 today to learn more about our interior design warehouse and resources in Grand Rapids, MI. You’ll see why designers across the state trust us with their business.

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